The inspiration to create Nylon Hunting Whip Thongs developed over many years. Having grown up at the South Shropshire Hunt kennels hunting was in the blood and an understanding of whip thongs and other products used in the sport came as second nature.

Ever the traditionalist I could never have imagined ever using anything other than leather as a whip thong. The appropriate dress code for hunting was drummed into me from a very early age and I have always been a stickler for doing things properly ever since.

So a venture into nylon came as much as a surprise to me as it will do to you! My first experience of using a nylon hunting whip thong was when I was whipping in to the Midland foxhounds in Georgia, USA. Here I learnt all about the product which the Mexican Polo Grooms used to make head collars and ropes from, as well as whip thongs.

At the end of three seasons hunting in the United States I had planned to come back to the United Kingdom. However, foot and mouth was threatening the 2001/2002 Hunting Season and the opportunity to return to the Adelaide Hunt in South Australia, where I had previously whipped in during the season in 1995, presented itself! I had six weeks at home at the South Shropshire kennels before starting another season in the Southern Hemisphere.

At the end of the Australian hunting season I went to experience life on an outback cattle station called Kalamurina. This station is roughly half way along the Birdsville Track at the top end of South Australia. During my stay there I met many great old characters but Monty Scobie was the one who had the greatest influence.

Monty was a legendary whip maker and stockman from the heart of Australia. He came to stay at Kalamurina for a couple of days but he got rained in so had to stay for a week. During this time I spent every day making a whip. He taught me all I needed to know about cutting out the strands from the kangaroo hide to making his signature knot that whip makers are known by. His father had been a famous whip maker so I felt privileged to have had that time with Monty.

Following many years experiencing hunting in different parts of the world I realised that doing things properly does not mean that there isn’t an opportunity for modernisation and change to improve practicality. I combined the skills I had learnt from Monty with the practical nylon thong I had from the United States and developed a product that, in effect, is a hybrid from the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia. With an even greater understanding of the sport, which was already second nature, I created a new product, Nylon Hunting Whip Thongs, in a style unique to me which still allowed me to be a stickler for doing things properly.

I am now selling these thongs worldwide and many of the most fashionable packs in the UK are now using them.

Diana Rowson